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our fair president :D
Oh man oh man.

You will not believe today.

So, this morning, I got my ToMI DVD and feelies. That was cool. I've got the map hanging above my bed, and the badge of the century-y-y-y-y on my bag. Then I had to go out to get ready for school next week. So I went out to videogame stores as well. And -- I found Sam and Max for Wii. Season One! :D It was on sale, too! (I have the PC version, when my next Telltale package comes I'll have that DVD. And more badges. :p)

So it was awesome~!! :D

I'm gonna use LJ for more personal things, and DA for more art-things. I should announce this on DA. Hm. I'll go do that. :3

One last thing -- I love roleplaying hyperactive!German!Guybrush. That love is even stronger now I have the DVD, and got the wallpapers. I also have the urge to roleplay a human!LeChuck who's not really evil. :p


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