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Route 29, with Sam. :D
i be working
Testing the amount of comments it takes. :D

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Name: Kururu
Livejournal Username: blizaga_kururu
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Timezone: +10
Current Characters in Route: pollyanna_boy

Name: Sam
Series: Sam and Max
Timeline: Post-Season 3/The Devils Playhouse. EXPECT SPOILERS
Canon Resource Links:
Fan Wiki
TV Tropes

Affiliation: Trainer.

On the back of the Season One DVD, it refers to Sam as 'a six-foot tall canine shambus with a love of justice'. This is a good basic description, but it doesn't really go deep enough into his psyche and personality for an application. Sam does love his justice, however. It's heavily implied that Sam is semi-self employed, and not a qualified policeman. His love of justice is second-to-none, and he's not afraid to use comically fun violence to get his perpetrator.
However, he's a lot more laid back than his partner. Except when it comes to 'justice'. It's a bit hard to get him riled up. But as seen below, he'll go really mad over certain things...

An important part of Sam's personality is his relationship with Max, the second member of his comic duo. As shown in 'They Stole Max's Brain', Max helps restrain the harsher parts of Sam. Without him, he'd be a violent detective, in the style of Dirty Harry and Flint Paper.
Or maybe not. When Sam loses Max for-real in the credits of The City That Dares Not Sleep, he became sullen and depressed, knowing that his best friend was dead forever. Max truly is the most important person in the world to Sam.
Either way, the two of them work together, and live together. Max is the closest person Sam has to family (except for his real family, of course), and he almost treats Max like a brother. They have that deep level of trust that not many people have, and less Dog-and-Lagomorph teams have. I suppose you'd call it a nakama.

With other people, Sam is still friendly, but not as close as he is with Sam. And he's still okay with shooting at them or using them in ways to fufill his goals.

As for vocal styles, Sam seems fond of long words, and making long sentences. This also sort-of extends to how he deducts things -- he's overly vocal about them and might miss the obvious in some situations. His ignorance also extends to other things -- such as not knowing he should maintain his treasured DeSoto. In the games, as he's the player character, he's also a slight kleptomaniac, though I feel that only extends into certain situations, such as cases.

The way he solves puzzles is also... zany. For example, in one of the comics, he needed to get to the moon. So he filled the tailpipe with matches and they got to the moon. Puzzles are often solved like this in his mind, either with violence or things that normal people would never, ever do.

Sam carries a lot of knowledge in that brain of his, though not all of it is useful.
His aim with his gun, and any projectile (such as a PokeBall), varies, though it may be very good at the moment, seeing as he's from game canon.
He's a nice dog, really. His judgement of what's right and wrong is different from you and me, but it's still okay for his world, and hopefully won't get him into too much trouble in Johto.

Being the straight-man in the duo, Sam has been called easy to manipulate and control by the villian of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and that's the case sometimes. He's easy to string on, but that's because of convinience for the player. It doesn't mean that it's not a weakness, however. He'll go on a quest if it's to solve a case.
He also hates being teased about his weight, though he has a very sweet tooth. (He can't resist treats, though doesn't like chocolate, being a dog and all. When he becomes a human, he's still going to not be able to eat chocolate.)
Sam also cannot sing or dance well, and it frightens other characters when he tries. (He only got that recording contract by rigging the show!)

Starter: Nidoran Male. Sam is going to treat this Nidoran as if it were Max, as a sort of coping mechanism while being away from his closest friend. However, it's not going to fully work.

Password: salmon riceballs


First Person Sample:

Well, here we are on Route 29, surrounded by purple rats and fluffy birds. It's like I'm back in New Orleans!

[Sam looks to his Nidoran Male, expecting it to say something. It chatters a little bit, biting at the grass.]

I've lived in the wild before, Max. Remember that one time, when we got trapped on an island with nothing but the clothes on our back, and an airplane? At that time, I thought we'd die, but then I remembered I can do the doggy paddle.

[Another pause, for Nidoran to look up at Sam. Sam bites his lip a little, with a small whimper.]

...Right, you wouldn't remember. It was one of our most harrowing cases, with many unpredicatable twists and turns, only topped by our latest one!
I still wonder if we'll get to kick up our feet and rest at the conclusion of this case. The Commisioner didn't tell his hired old man with a strange odor anything about how long this would take, or what our mission was exactly. Something about 'Gym Leaders'?
Come on Max, let's find a vehicle. The DeSoto was eaten last case, and we've got to get more instructions.
Third Person Sample:
Tap... tap... tap...
Sam sat at the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove, tapping absentminded-ly on the table in front of him, his thoughts with Max. The new Max. That strange purple rabbit that had started to follow him around just like Max had. It didn't stand on two feet, sure. But it could fight like him.
Sam let out an impatient huff. There must be crimes happening out there that he wasn't stopping in his own unique way. But, there was a problem with that crime-stopping way. Sam was missing his gun, and without that, he was a lot weaker than normal. He could still punch well... but he didn't have his Freelance Police idetification, either. As he had woken in this world, all of his inventory had been emptied. That made Sam angry, he'd spent ages collecting whatever he could find for many different puzzles. He was going to clean it out in a few days -- honest!
With a whimper, Sam sunk slightly into his chair. Who knew how long it would be until his little buddy was better? That Sentreat had been deadly to Max. If it were the real Max...
No. It wasn't time to get bogged down in things like that. Max might still be out here, somewhere.
It was a few minutes later, that a Nurse Joy brought out his little Nidoran♂. It let out a few cries, and Sam's ears pricked up.
"Sam! I mean Max!" Sam then said, running over. The Nurse informed him that Max would need a few days of rest, however. Picking him up, Sam had a smile on his face.
"Come on Max, I found a place to rest tonight, and tomorrow we'll go to Violet City." he said, placing one of his hands on the head of the poisonous rabbit. It cowered a little, chattering again.

Jirachi wasn't born like most of the other legendary Pokemon -- she was born as a passage for wishes, to listen to the desires of man and to grant their deepest desires. When she was first awakened, only a few people got a chance to meet her and discover her powers. Jirachi wasn't aware of her own power at this time -- and, instead, thought that it was natural to grant miracles to man. At this point in time, she was truly a new-born, and didn't understand anything.

After seven days of being wished upon, Jirachi fell asleep, and her skin hardened into stone. This was a self-defense mechanism, to protect her when she regained her powers. In her dreams, she couldn't hear anything of the outside world... however, she thought that the dreams were the real world. As dreams go, however, she could barely remember them when she awoke.

In the time after she first went to sleep, the myth of the wish-granting Pokemon spread, and grew many followers. They followed the clues, and eventually found the resting place of the tiny Pokemon. They built a city around it, waiting for it to wake up every day.
It was a scant 50 years until Jirachi awoke again, in a shrine to itself. She was hailed as a miracle child, and given gifts in exchange for wishes. This was the best time of her life, and she started to become a little bossy in the last day she was awake. But... she needed to sleep again, after her time was up. Her body turned to stone again, and she was placed back into the shrine.

But... over the next 1000 years, Jirachi passed back into the books of myths, as people died off and as the last people in that town moved on to the larger regions and towns being built. Worst of all -- the shrine Jirachi was in was destroyed to make way for a department store, and the rocks from her were sent all the way to Mintale Town, and ended up buried in the Ruins of Truth, located on Mt. Snowfall. She remained their for ages -- unaware of her own situation, seeing as she was in her dreams.

Jirachi awoke at the same time that the player character and Pikachu were hunting for the final disk of Pichu Bros., and was freed when Pikachu used a powerful Thunderbolt. Excited, it followed them and watched the movie with them. And then it decided that it wanted to stick with that trainer, and have a stable few days before it slept.

But he said no. His hands were full with Pikachu -- but he had a stranger in Hoenn who might like her. Jirachi refused to go with them, and disappeared into the night. That night is when she decided -- she didn't want to hybinate again and miss her chance to find a partner/friend. Instead, she wished on herself that she'd never have to go though that again. A few days passed, and Jirachi realized she'd have trouble as a rare Pokemon. So she wished on herself that she may become a human, and control her form between human and Pokemon. Life was good.

A week after that, she heard an ad for the Academy on a television in a shop window. And... well, she decided she'd go, to learn many things. Like, for example, how to read. again. Instead, she wished on herself that she'd never have to go though that again. A few days passed, and Jirachi realised she'd have trouble as a rare Pokemon. So she wished on herself that she may become a human, and control her form between human and Pokemon. Life was good.

A week after that, she heard an ad for the Academy on a television in a shop window. And... well, she decided she'd go, to learn many things. Like, for example, how to read.

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